PH Meter Calibration

PH Meter Calibration

PH Meter Calibration

You just bought your first pH meter and now you want to start measuring the pH of your pool, spa, aquarium, plants, water or any liquid as soon as possible. But wait, is your pH meter calibrated? 

Every pH meter requires regular calibration with pH calibration solution. PH calibration solution is a liquid with an exact pH value. You can find the correct pH calibration solution for your pH meter in the manual. Usually you will need pH 7 or a combination of different pH solutions.

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Before you start the calibration process of your pH meter, make sure you have the correct pH calibration solution and make sure that it is fresh. With fresh we mean that it needs to be unopened and unused. Once you have opened your bottle of pH calibration solution the pH value will come into contact with air and or UV-light, both will influence the pH value over time. This is why you can never re-use pH calibration solution or use an old bottle that has been laying around in your garage.

pH meter require regular calibration, so we recommend you either use sachets (small bags with pH calibration solution that protect the liquid inside from exposure to air and UV-light) or our bottle with built-in dispenser. 

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Calibrating a pH meter 

  1. Prepare a sample of pH calibration solution and make sure the pH meter and pH calibration solution are at room temperature. (temperature has an influence on the pH value)
  2. Insert your pH meter in the pH calibration solution and stir gently. Wait a few seconds (or minutes) until the pH measurement has become completely stable. 
  3. Start the calibration process. Check your manual. (usually you press and hold the calibration button or you use the mini-screwdriver)
  4. Your pH meter is now calibrated. 

Any pH meter will require regular weekly calibration if you want to measure with accurate results. Make sure that after each use, you rinse the pH meter with clean water and store it at room temperature in a dry place. Don't forget to check the batteries if you haven't used it for a long time. 

Buy pH calibration solution

We offer a wide range of premium pH calibration solutions that guarantee you a perfect calibration of your pH meter. You can find our calibration solutions for pH meters right here

If you have any questions about our pH meters and how to calibrate them correctly, please contact us directly at and we will help you through the process. 



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