How to calibrate an ORP Electrode?

How to calibrate an ORP Electrode?

ORP Electrodes, also known as ORP Probes are calibrated with a special Redox Calibration buffer. ORP Calibration solution is a special reference liquid that has a fixed ORP value. Becasue the ORP value of the calibration solution is known, we can calibrate our orp electrode to match the exact value of the calibration solution. 

ORP Calibration Solution Redox electrode probe
We remomend using only premium ORP calibration solution. Never re-use the same the ORP calibration solution or poor the liquid back into the bottle after use. For ORP meter and ORP electrode we recommend our premium Meytec ORP Calibration Solution.

ORP Electrode Calibration Steps

This is a general step by step guide on how you can calibrate your ORP electrode or Redox probe. Please keep in mind that calibration procedures are different based on the model or brand that you are using. But in general we can follow these steps to correctly calibrate your ORP electrode.

  1. Make sure you have the correct ORP buffer and that it is fresh!
  2. Prepare 1 cup with the new ORP buffer
  3. Prepare a piece of kitchen paper or toilet paper to absorb droplets
  4. Start the calibration procedure on your ORP Meter 
  5. Enter the ORP electrode into the ORP buffer and stir gently. Wait for 10 seconds and stir gently again. Wait for another 10 seconds or until the measurement has completely stabilized.
  6. Never re-use your pH calibration buffer and store your pH electrode in KCl Storage Solution for ORP meters when you are not using it.