How to calibrate an ORP Meter?

How to calibrate an ORP Meter?

You calibrate an ORP meter with ORP Calibration Solution or ORP Buffer Solution. This is a special ORP reference solution with a fixed ORP level. Because we know the exact ORP level we can now calibrate our ORP Meter to the exact level of the ORP Calibration buffer. 

ORP Meter Calibration Buffer Solution
We recommend you only use premium ORP calibration buffer for the most accurate calibration of your ORP meter and ORP electrodes. Always use fresh and clean calibration solution and never re-use calibration.

ORP Meter Calibration Steps

  1. Prepare the ORP buffer in a clean cup (enough to cover the electrode)
  2. Start the calibration process of your ORP Meter
  3. Place your ORP Meter into the ORP buffer solution and stir gently. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute until the reading has become completely stable.
  4. Confirm the calibration on your ORP Meter
  5. Your meter is now calibrated.