How to use a pH Electrode?

How to use a pH electrode?

Using a pH Electrode is not difficult. Just remember that it is a sensitive and precious instrument that needs to be treated with attention and care. Remember to calibrate your pH electrode or pH probe regularly. You can order our high quality pH calibration buffer here.

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How to use a pH electrode steps:

Follow these steps when you use a pH electrode: 

  1. Prepare a clean cup with the liquid of which you want to test the pH level
  2. Remove the protective cap and connect your pH electrode to the pH monitor or pH meter. 
  3. Make sure your pH monitor is calibrated and turn it ON.
  4. Place the pH electrode in the liquid and stir gently.
  5. Wait until the pH reading becomes completely stable.
  6. Read the pH level on your display and write down the pH value.
  7. Put the end-cap back on your pH meter and store in a dry and dark place.
  8. It is recommended to add a KCl storage solution to the protective cap of your pH electrode.
If you want more information on how to use our pH meters and pH electrodes, please read the manual.