Idegis replacement pH Electrode and ORP Electrode

Idegis replacement pH Electrode and ORP Electrode

Idegis is a spanish manufacturer of salt electrolysis systems for pools and serves both the residential as the commercial marktet. Idigis is a subsidary of Astralpool, the worlds largest manufactuerer of pool dosing systems, pool filtration systems and more. 

Your pH electrode and ORP Electrode of your Idegis pool control system will need to be replaced when the electrode does not measure accurately or when you can no longer calibrate it easily.

Our pH and ORP Probes from Meytec are a popular replacement for the Idegis system. Costing you less than the original without sacrificing precision or longevity.

Order you replacement PH and ORP Electrode right now.

Idegis Replacement pH Electrode and ORP Electrode Compatibility 

Our PH and ORP Electrodes are compatible with all Idegis pool salt systems. 

  • Idegis Electrolisis Salina: Domotic Series 2 Tecno Series 2 Serie Domotic Serie Tecno Serie SPA Domotic Series 2 LS Serie Domotic LS
  • Idegis Neolysis: Series Neo and Series Neo-S
  • Idegis Poolstation

Idegis Calibration

It is advised to calibrate your pH and ORP Electrode at regular intervals. At least 2 to 3 times per pool season, every month if possible. Buy your calibration solutions for Idegis pool sytems right here on our website. 

For more information about Idegis pool systems and how to calibrate, we recommend you visit the webiste of the manufacturer, click the link Idegis