More About pH Electrode

More about pH Electrode

The pH electrode or pH probe is a very sensitive instrument designed to measure the pH level of a liquid. The electrode is usually fabricated out of glass or poly carbonate. Inside of the pH electrode there is a special reference liquid. When the porous lithium glass tip comes into contact with a liquid, there will be an exchange of ions. It is this exchange of ions that is measured in a voltage, and this voltage is translated to a pH reading. A pH electrode or pH probe is normally always connected to a pH meter or pH monitor. It is the pH electrode that is responsible for the pH measurement. 

PH Electrode
Below we have gathered more information about pH electrodes and pH probes. Click on the link to find out more about pH electrodes, how to use pH electrodes and how to take care of them. 

What is a pH Electrode?

    Find out more about a pH electrode. What is a pH electrode? How does a pH electrode work? PH Electrodes are delicate instruments that need be treated with care, regularly calibrated and stored correctly with the correct storage solution for pH electrodes. 

    How to use a pH Electrode?

      How do you use a pH electrode? What do you need to look out for? More information about the usage of pH electrodes and how you need to take care of them in general.

      How to calibrate a pH Electrode?

        Calibrating your pH electrode is very important. More information on how to calibrate your pH electrode with the correct pH calibration buffer and some helpful calibration tips. 

        Replacement PH Electrode?

          All pH electrodes need to be replaced at sometime. Just like with batteries, eventually pH electrodes will run out of active reference solution and will slowly become less accurate until they completely stop working. Our pH electrodes are compatible with all brands and manufactures available on the market today. Thanks to the BNC connection, our pH and ORP probes are a simple plug and play alternative for your expensive pH electrode. 

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