More about pH Meter

More About pH Meter

Below we have a bundled some interesting information about pH meters. Always good to know more about pH meters, how to use them correctly and how to take care of them to they last as long as possible. If you take care of your pH meter and calibrate it regularly, you enjoy your purchase the most. Our pH meters are suitable for Lab, pool, gardening, spa, hydro-culture, fish farms and many other industries. 

What is a pH meter?

    Find out more about a pH meter, how it works and what are its main features and applications in the field. 

    How to use a pH meter?

      How do you use and take care of your pH meter? How do you measure pH and how do you measure pH correctly? What are the applications for my pH meter? We try to answer as many questions as possible regarding your pH meter and how to use a pH meter.

      How to Calibrate a pH Meter?

        You need to calibrate your pH meter regularly. If you are serious about measuring pH, you need calibrate your pH meter or pH electrode before each test or pH measurement. Only a freshly calibrated pH meter will give you the most accurate pH measure.

        PH Meter Applications

          PH meters are used worldwide in a wide variety of industries and applications. The most common industries for pH meters are pools, ponds, aquariums and any other water treatment or water related industry. pH measurement is really the basics of a lot of water analysis. Below we have listed a few of the most common industries that use a pH meter.

            Want to Buy a pH meter?

              Yes, we almost forget that if you want to buy a new pH Meter, we have all the tools you need. I personally recommend you to go for our premium model, it will give you the most accurate pH reading and it has a fantastic durable design. Do not forget to calibrate it regularly and take care of it. PH Meters are no toys.