More about TDS

More about TDS.

TDS stands for Total dissolved solids and is measured with a TDS meter or TDS electrode. TDS is measured in PPM or parts per million. Total Dissolved Solids can be salts, minerals, metals or other solids that are dissolved in a liquid. TDS level is very important indicator on the health of the drinking water. TDS meters are therefore used a lot in drinking water analysis. 

TDS Meter Scale

TDS Meter

TDS is measured with a TDS meter. A TDS Meter is a digital instrument designed to measure the TDS level in a liquid. TDS Meters are very easy to use and usually have 2 electrodes. A current will pass from one electrode to the other electrode and the microprocessor inside the TDS meter will than calculate the exact amount of particles measures bye the TDS meter in PPM or parts per million. 

A TDS Meter does not require a lot of maintenance. Just make sure you clean it after each use, keep the batteries in good condition and store the TDS meter in a dark an dry place out of the reach of children.