PH Meter Applications

PH Meter Applications

PH Meters are widely used in water treatment. Measuring pH is a basic step in water analysis throughout the world. pH meter are used in a very wide variety of applications, but the most well-known applications for pH meters are:

PH Meters are used for pools to measure the pH level of the water. Measuring and monitoring the pH level of a pool with a pH meter is a very important daily task of any swimming pool owner. PH is the basic water quality parameter you want to monitor and control. If you are a pool owner, we recommend you have pH meter for pool in your equipment at all times.

If you have a beautiful pond filled with nice fishes and plants, or maybe you have just a natural swimming pond, you must monitor the pH level of your pond regularly. You monitor the pH level of your pond with a pH meter and make sure the pH level is within the acceptable range for your fish, plants and your skin.

Nothing more relaxing than a nice hot Spa after a long day at the office. Just make sure that before you go in you have measured the pH level of your Spa with a pH meter. You want the pH level of you water to be around 7 in order for the water to feel comfortable for your skin.

Aquarium owners have been using pH meters to measure the pH level of the water of their aquarium of reef aquarium for decades. Keeping the pH level of your aquarium in optimal conditions for your beloved fish and plants.

Hundreds of thousands of micro breweries have started up over the last years. They use a pH meter for the brewing of their beer, lager, IPA, stout, triple and many other brews.

Growing plants, flowers, vegetables? If you are familiar with growing plants than you know that measuring the pH of your water, soil and nutrients is very important to keep your plants happy. Use one of our pH meters to test the water of your plants, flowers and garden.

PH Meters are also used in kitchens around the world. during the manufacturing process of your favorite drinks or during the routine control of your favorite bottled water. All of them have pH meters to test the pH of your food and drinks. 

Our pH meters are suitable for all of the above applications. Have a look at our range and buy your new pH meter online today.