PH Meter for Brewing

PH Meter for Brewing

PH meters can be used during the brewing process of beers, gins, vodka, wine, whiskey and almost any other alcohol beverage. Recording the pH level of your alcoholic mixture is important to know exact in what stage your mixture is and if it requires any adjustment. All our pH meters and pH electrodes are suitable for use during brewing. Do make sure that you always cool down the sample you want to measure the pH from. If you measure the pH level when your mash is still too hot, you will get incorrect pH measurement because the temperature has a big impact on the pH level. On top of that you could permanently damage your pH meter. 

PH Meter Beer brewing

PH Meter for Beer Brewing

The rise in micro breweries worldwide has also increased the demand for digital pH meters to measure the pH level during the brewing process. pH has a big impact on the overall taste and development of your beer so brewers like to measure it and make small adjustments to make sure their brew is tasting exactly like they want it. All our pH meters and pH electrodes can be used for beer brewing, just make sure you use a well calibrated and maintained pH meter for the job. 

PH Meter for wine

Our pH meter can be used during the manufacturing process of wine. We recommend our premium pH meter for the most accurate result and because it is designed for intensive use and easy maintenance and calibration. Should you measure the pH of your wine with a pH electrode, you can surely use on of our pH electrodes. All our pH electrodes are premium, double junction electrodes with lithium glass electrodes and long lifespan technology from Switzerland. 

PH Meter for Gin, Vodka, Alcohol

If you are one of those thousands of small batch gin aficionado's. Use on of our premium pH meters for distilling your gin and vodka. Improve the quality of your mixture and produce a better overall final product.