Sugar Valley Replacement pH Electrode and ORP Electrode

Sugar Valley replacement PH Electrode and ORP Electrode

Sugar Valley is a Spanish manufacturer of automatic pool dosing systems, owned by Hayward, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of pool equipment. 

You will need to replace the pH electrode and the ORP electrode of your Sugar Valley system when the electrodes stop measuring accurately or completely or when you can no longer calibrate the probes.

Luckily, the pH and ORP electrodes can be replaced with our popular pH and ORP probes from Meytec. They are compatible with any Sugar Valley system and easy to install. 

Sugar Valley compatible models for pH and ORP Electrodes

Our electrodes are a perfect replacement for these Sugar Valley models: Aquascenic, Oxilife, Hidrolife, Station, AquaScenic, UV-Scenic and all variants of these models.

Sugar Valley also produces for other manufacturs like Hayward, Kripsol, Bayrol and many other private lables. All variants are compatible with our replacment pH and ORP electrodes.

Visit the Sugar Valley website for manuals and more information on how you calibrate your pH and ORP Electrode.