Types of pH Buffer Solution

Types of pH Buffer Solution

There are many different types of pH Buffer Solution or pH Calibration Solution available today. Today we have a wide range of 5 popular pH buffer solutions that are very common in the calibration industry. All our pH buffer solutions are universally compatible with all manufacturers of pH meters and pH probes. Just read the manual of your pH meter to find out what type you need. If you do not have any indication or recommendation, you can always use pH buffer solution pH 7.00.

PH Buffer Solution

This is because it is best to calibrate a pH meter or pH electrode as close to the average of your measurements.

For example, if you often measure a pH level of 6, it is recommended to calibrate with a pH calibration solution of pH 6.86 or pH 7.00. 

Always check the manual of your pH meter and pH electrode. There you will find exactly which type of pH Calibration Solution you need to accurately calibrate your pH meter or pH electrode. 

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